What are some topic questions on which I can touch for an essay on Nellie Bly?  Example: Her early life?Questions relevant to a 3 to 5 page typed essay.

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One of the first to travel on the job, Nellie Bly's "Around the World in 80 Days" caught the interest of many an American. As the first investigative jounalist, Nellie Bly is of great interest to many readers.  Certainly, her posing as an mental patient and gaining entry into an asylum--from which she barely escaped, by the way--is both an extraordinary and disconcerting story.  For, she exposed some veritable horrors. Also inspiring is her personal credo: 

Determine Right.  Decide Fast.  Apply Energy.  Act with Conviction. Fight to the Finish.  Accept the Consequences. Move On

Hers is an unusual, meaningful biography, a lexicon for journalististic values, a tale of courage and integrity, an inspiring history for both men and women.

In writing about this unique person, focus your topics on her initiatives, her maverick gestures, her social concerns, her adherence to her codes of personal conduct, her altruistic successes, and the moral lessons she taught her readers.

See the enotes "how-to" topics to assist you in your writing.  Good luck!

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