what are some Tips for Leaders with Ineffective Members

normielutz | Student

There can be a lot of reason for a member to be called ineffective and understanding these reasons will help you know how to deal wih them and turn their performance around. Leaders with ineffective members are faced with a big challenge, but proper communication plays the main role in dealing with ineffective members. Here are some tips on dealing with ineffective members:

1. TALK. Have a heart to heart talk with the person being tagged as ineffective member, know the reason why he/she is not contributing to the teams goal, from there you can both formulate an action plan to make that person contribute to the teams goal.

2. AWARENESS. Let the person know the teams objective and your plans as a leader on how to reach them and how each of the member of the team plays an important role in achieving that goal.

3. RECOGNIZE. Make sure to throw a compliment when they do something right. This will let them know that they are on the right track and will inspire them to do better in their task.

4.REWARD. Come up with a reward plan to excite your team member to perform better and do their best in their job.

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