What are some things that Scout has learned by the end of Chapters 6-8 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Chapter 6.  Along with Jem and Dill, Scout becomes aware of Mr. Avery's secret talent when they witness his

... arc of water descending from the leaves and splashing in the yellow circle of the street light, some ten feet from source to earth...

She learns a new term--"strip poker"--though she doesn't know what it means. She also discovers how important it is to Jem that he maintain Atticus's confidence in him when he makes the dangerous return trip to the Radley collard patch to retrieve his pants.

Chapter 7.  Jem reveals the secret he had withheld from Scout: that his pants had been mysteriously mended and were waiting for him after their raid on the Radley's back porch. Scout finds new gifts in the knothole of the Radley oak before it is sealed by Nathan Radley. Through Jem, Scout learns that the tree was not diseased, and that Boo's brother had only cemented it in order to prevent his further contact with the children.

Chapter 8.  Scout is disappointed when she finds out that old Mrs. Radley has died of natural causes--and not by the hands of Boo. She is equally disappointed to hear that Atticus has not seen Boo when he visits the Radley house. She experiences her first glimpse of snow, thinking that "The world's endin' " when she first sees it. She learns that she and Jem are responsible for the unseasonably cold weather, at least according to Mr. Avery; and she learns how to build a snowman, even when there is not enough snow to construct one properly. She sees first-hand the destructive nature of fire when it consumes Miss Maudie's home; how unprepared the town is when it comes to fighting fires; and how some men, like Mr. Avery, show heroism when it is least expected. She witnesses Miss Maudie's nonchalant air about the destruction of her house and her sense of humor in a trying time. But above all, Scout discovers the true nature of Boo Radley when she finds a blanket wrapped around her shoulders--placed there by Boo, Atticus tells her. After "My stomach turned to water and I nearly threw up," Jem reminds her that

"... if you'd just turned around, you'da seen him."

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