What are some things that prove that Harper Lee believed that the human nature is often good?

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There are several ways that Harper Lee shows that she has a strong belief in the goodness of people.  Making Atticus such an honorable, courageous character really exemplifies her eagerness to show how one can give respect to all people through their actions.  She also shows the goodness in people through some minor characters.  Heck Tate, the sheriff, decides not to charge Boo Radley for the murder of Bob Ewell because he feels that the murder is, in a sense, poetic justice for what happened to Tom Robinson.  He also realizes that it would be extremely traumatic for Boo Radley to be arrested and put on trial for defending Scout and Jem. 

Mr. Underwood, the owner of the town newspaper, also shows his compassion for Tom Robinson when he writes an editorial condemning what happened to Tom.  In the article, he says that it is a sin to kill a “cripple” like Tom.  We see his goodness through the way he stands up for Tom despite the possible backlash it could cost him. 

We also see the goodness of people when Scout and Jem are welcomed into Calpurnia’s all black church.  Even though blacks are prevented from attending white churches, the black congregation open their hearts to the children and accept their presence at the service. 

Another character who shows his innate goodness is Tom Robinson who decides to help Mayella Ewell because he feels sorry for her even though it is dangerous for him to do so. 

And, of course, there is Boo who shows his goodness through his love for Scout and Jem.

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