What are some things that leap?  

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erozmiarek eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a cute question -- I assume related to Leap Year.

My first thoughts go to animals that leap.  Some of the more common ones would be frogs or anything in that family, including toads.  Rabbits and hares are probably some of the most famous leapers.  Squirrels seem to jump a lot as they move from tree to tree; in fact, the animals that we call "flying squirrels" do not actually fly, but because of skin flaps that connect their legs to their bodies, they appear to glide as they leap from the top of one tree and sail to another.  Deer, and other animals in that family, such as gazelles, antelopes, and the like, can leap for very long distances when they are running at full speed.  Kangaroos are incredible leapers.  In fact, I have heard that there are places in Australia where car accidents have occurred on the highway because a kangaroo that was not even in sight leapt across the road and collided with a moving vehicle.  Because of the great distance of the leap, the driver had no way to avoid it.

On a happier note, children leap when they run and play.

I'm sure you can also think of many other examples.