What are some themes within this book? I'm having trouble identifying them.

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Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Sean Carroll is an interesting book on biological evolutionary development.  The complex nature of the work lends itself almost entirely to the scientific plane of thought, devoid of traditional themes.  However, Carroll is suggesting a new way to think about genetic mutation.  This presents the unspoken theme that current genetic biologists cannot see the forest through the trees.

Carroll argues genetic sequencing among humans; apes and daffodils are shared because the base coding for the proteins is finite.  It, therefore, makes sense to have common genetic markers across all species.  Carroll claims the mutations observed in nature that separate species are controlled by switches either thrown or not thrown during incubation.  The implication is biologists are searching for new genetic combinations when they should be focused on current genetic markers and when or if they are activated to alter the specimen.  Once genetics begins to view switches as the controlling mechanism of biology versus protein arrangement, then science will enter the third evolution of biology or evo devo as his followers refer to it.  The theme is also supported by his arguments current views of evolution and development as separate stages are not correct.  He views them as equal parts to the mutation or growth of an organism.   

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