What are some themes for The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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akasha124 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Loyalty and trust would be two important themes in the Witch of Blackbird Pond.

Consider the reasons Kit is loyal and to whom she is loyal to.  How she does she learn about loyalty?  Also consider who is loyal to Kit and why.

Trust is another reoccurring theme - there are people Kit does not trust easily and people she does trust easily.  Consider who she trusts and why and who proves to ultimately be trustworthy and how they prove this. 

swagga-shaq1 | Student

The novel the Witch of Blackbird Pond is based on a sixteen year old girl by the name of Katherine Tyler (Kit) who grew up with her grandfather in Barbados because her parents died in a plane crash. Her grandfather then died so she had to sell everything he owned to pay off her his debts. She then decided to migrate to Connecticut to live with her mother’s sister Rachel and her family because an old guy that her grandfather owed wanted to marry her. When she moved things were going pretty bad for her because she retrieved a girl’s doll from the water so people thought she was a witch. As a result of reading the novel I got some important ideas and values known as the themes. Some of the themes I understood are politics, friendship, religion, personal identity, education, and family. The three I chose to place emphasis on and future discuss with you are friendship, family, and politics.

            I think friendship is a major theme because Kit showed friendship to her new friend Hannah, Prudence, and Nathaniel (Nat). She showed friendship to Hannah because everyone kept accusing her of witchcraft but Kit realized that she was only depressed because she missed her deceased husband. Another way that Kit showed Hannah friendship was by helping her get out of the house when the witch hunter were coming to kill her. I also think when Kit and Nat saved Hannah’s cats that showed a lot of friendship because the cats are the only things that she have when she is alone. Hannah also showed friendship in the novel because when Kit was having problem fitting into her new surroundings she showed her an African flower and told her that it is fighting to stay alive in Connecticut so Kit realized that she should fight and do not give up. Hannah also showed friendship by helping Kit teach prudence how to read and write. Kit showed Prudence friendship by retrieving her doll from the water and teaching her how to read and write. Nat showed friendship to Hannah by bringing her things from Barbados every time he goes there. Prudence also showed a little friendship by defending Kit when she was accused of doing witch craft with Hannah. All of these things helped to get the theme friendship.

            Family is a theme of this novel because Kit had the Wood family but she did not feel like she fit in so she started her own family with Hannah, Prudence, and eventually Nat. Hannah is like Kit’s family because Kit feels more at home and more happy at Hannah’s house. Prudence is like Kit’s family because I think Kit was like a mom to her because moms would teach their daughter how to read and write and Kit did that for Prudence. Nat was like a family to Kit because they spend time together doing things that a family would do. Nat is also her family because he married her in the end of the novel. The Wood family was her biological family but I do not think she considered Matthew Wood as a part of her family until he told the witch hunters that she was not a witch. She always considered Rachel Wood as a part of her family because Rachel was nice to her all the time and she was the sister of her mom. That is the reason family is a theme of this novel. I think family is a theme of this novel mostly because of Hannah Tunner, Prudence Cruff, and Nat Eaton.

lgibs2 | Student

One of the novel's primary themes unfortunately reflects how we live today:  People judge a person based on what other's say about him/her and never try to get to know the person.

Another theme is that love can breathe life into people.  Prudence had been neglected and unloved by her mother, Goodwife Cruff, and her father had been too afraid to stand up to her.  Prudence was a poorly dressed, skinny, quiet, and fearful girl.  By the end of the novel, Kit's love has empowered Prudence to stand up in court to support Kit. 

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