What are some of themes that are contained in Isaac Asimov's works?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Isaac Asimov was a prolific author who wrote in many different genres, with more than 500 separate works to his credit, not counting shorter essays and stories.

Asimov first wrote science fiction, beginning with stories published in popular science fiction magazines. As he continued writing, he added authorship of science fiction novels to his output.

As a trained scientist and successful popular writer, Asimov wrote many factual science books, explaining "the mysteries of mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and technology" to the less scientifically-trained public.

In his fictional works, Asimov worked to introduce ideas and topics that would remain relevant and important for years into the future. His writings dealt with themes including

the economic, political, and religious forces behind the rise and fall of empires; the effects of technology on society; and the human heart in conflict with its mind.