What are some of the themes of the Princess Bride other than true love???

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Loyalty is another central theme to The Princess Bride.  Many of the characters, who have felt in some way abandoned, find loyalty and trust in other relationships they have formed.  My favorite example of this is the relationship between Fezzik and Inigo Montoya.  Both Fezzik and Inigo have experienced true loneliness.  As Vizzini unkindly points out, Fezzik used to be friendless and unemployed in Greenland; but in Inigo, Fezzik finds a true friend.  Fezzik and Inigo look out for each other, and despite their employer Vizzini's evil plotting, remain loyal to each other. 

There is also a question of loyalty between Westley and Buttercup.  Her acceptance of Prince Humperdink's proposal makes Westley strongly question her loyalty to him, not to mention her love. 

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appearance versus reality

prince humperdinck appears to be curious as to who kidnapped buttercup, but as you later find out, he is the one who hired the kidnappers.

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