Peace Like a River Questions and Answers
by Leif Enger

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What are some important themes in Peace Like a River by Leif Enger?

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There are many great themes in this book, and it helps to start by taking a look at a potential list of those themes—love, family, religion, prayer, miracles, redemption, sacrifice, altruism—and from that list, finding several that have personal relevance in your own life.  Importance can be determined based on how helpful and applicable they are to people’s lives, and if they address current cultural issues at the time.  I can talk briefly about a couple themes to help guide you if you want to look at others.

One major theme throughout the entire book is that of miracles.  Enger asserts that miracles are real, they are capable of being enacted by the most flawed and regular of people, and that they often create inexplicably good changes in people’s lives.  This theme is evident...

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