What are some themes for Hamlet?no one word themes. for example "power" "love" or "honor".

anujumairah | Student

One of the main theme is revenge - this is what actually propels the play. (Hamlet, Laertes and Fortinbras)

We also have madness - feigned and real. (Hamlet ??, Ophelia, and the irrational wrath of Laertes)

Identity ( asserting oneself -- This is I, Hamlet the Dane) + relationship



manoalsubeai | Student

There are many themes in Hamlet . The theme of revenge when there are 3 persons in this play want to take their revenge for their father . Also , the theme of Ambtion when Caulduis's ambtion makes him killed his brother and married his brother's wife . In addition , there are other themes , but i don't remeber them . :D 

rienzi | Student

The main theme in the play is duality. Under that are remembrance and bestial oblivion; image and reality; deliberation and procrastination; thought and action, blood and judgment; love and lust; nobility of war and the savagery of revenge.

nishasj | Student

Madness Madness – both real and feigned – is at the heart of the play. Hamlet's "antic disposition" has famously sparked a scholarly debate: Does Hamlet truly go "mad" or is it all an act? Revenge Hamlet gears up to be a traditional bloody revenge play – and then it stops. The bulk of the play deals not with Hamlet's ultimately successful vengeance on his father's murderer Mortality Hamlet's musings on suicide, especially the "to beor not to be" speech, are legendary and continue to direct discussions of the value of life and the mysteryof death.

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