What are some themes in Ender's Game?It would be nice if you gave examples as well :)

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This science-fiction Bildungsroman resides in several thematic levels; on the surface Ender’s status as a Third (extra child) begins to explore the theme of sibling rivalry and its prevalence in a male-heirarchical society. Then Card introduces the theme of government/science manipulation of individuals in the electronic insertion and extraction of devices that can monitor human behavior.  The central business of the novel—the training of youth to upgrade and perpetuate a country’s automatic animosities toward traditional enemies—gets the most attention, with sub-themes of violent behaviors taught or encouraged, and whether imagination is the solution to warfare.  The whole attitude of Ender’s “handlers” develops the theme of resistance to authority by each new generation.  But the overwhelming theme, and the theme that brings this novel out of the pack of juvenile fantasy, is the theme of “looking at our enemies anew”—the vision of peace through rethinking our age-old animosities, which culminates in Ender’s preserving the nascent colony of Buggers.

jimmy231231 | Student

thanks but can you please list them like for ex. ---> growing up is a challenge and can you please answer my other question about a qoutw in Ender's Game ? ? please help