What are some themes in The Devil Wears Prada?

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One theme of the book how easy it is for powerful people like Miranda Priestly to abuse their employees—and scarcely realize they are doing it. Andrea has to do Miranda's daughters' school projects, get them a prepublication copy of the latest Harry Potter novel, and constantly ran back and forth to the coffee shop so that Miranda's meal will be hot whenever she decides to show up. The novel critiques the way Andrea is turned into a slave while Miranda complains endlessly when everything is not perfect.

The novel also critiques Andrea's complicity in allowing herself to be turned into a slave. She so wants to succeed on the job and win Miranda's approval that she sacrifices relationships with people who are important to her to be constantly at Miranda's beck and call.

Finally, the novel criticizes the superficiality of the fashion industry, where a size 12 person is seen as hopelessly fat and the assistants like Andrea are supposed to come to work dressed in impossibly uncomfortable...

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