What are some techniques for making the customer feel that he or she is No. 1?(ie.) Customer Service Skills

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ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you want to make someone feel special, especially in the business world, you need to have well developed interpersonal skills.  Being able to talk to someone as well as listen to them is crucial.  Many people feel as if their words and thoughts are not important. If you are not an active listener you will only reinforce that persons feelings.  Eye contact is very important as well.  If you are staring at others while the person is talking to you, what kind of a message do you think you are sending? The importance of personal space is often overlooked.  Everyone has a different idea of what is appropriate and what is not.  You have to be a good judge of other people's comfort levels.  The most important thing to remember is to respect the individual as he or she is. 

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Being able to convince the customer through actions and words that they are seen as the first priority underlies all techniques for making the customer feel as if they are number one. I think that being able to make and follow through on promises and guarantees would be critical in this process.  How this is materialized in business can be seen in many ways.  For example, being able to offer price reductions for continued patronage might be one technique that can be employed.  Another technique is more along the lines of interpersonal connections.  When customers feel that their voice is validated and understood, there is a greater likelihood for them to feel valued.  This is not a technique as much an approach to doing business.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The most important requirement of making the customer feel that he or she No. 1, is to realize that the customer satisfaction is most important for success of any business. Once top management of a company is convinced about this truth, it must educate all its employees about the importance of the customer. Customer satisfaction is the result of contribution of all the employees in the company, and unless they all believe in and strive to achieve total customer satisfaction, the company cannot make each and every customer feel that he or she is being treated as No. 1. The previous post has indicated the need of being genuine with customers. This quality of "being genuine" requires conviction of this type.

Once the organization is steeped in the basic philosophy of the importance of customer, the every one in the organization will automatically strive to treat every customer as No. 1, rather than just make him feel that he or she is being treated like one. To satisfy the customer  it is necessary to be clear about the way in which the organization is striving to please the customer. An organization cannot meet each and every requirements of every customer. The customer satisfaction is possible only when customer is clear about what to expect from the organization and finds that his or her expectations are being met. The expectations of a customer in a fast food restaurant, and in a sophisticated seven star restaurant are quite different, and each needs to satisfy its customer in a different way.

All the previous steps only prepare the foundation for providing top class customer service. These steps are important without which no real achievement is possible. The detailed work of actually satisfying the customer follows after the foundation is ready. This involves several actions. The first is to design and install suitable systems and procedures in the organization that can deliver the required level of customer service. Implementation of these procedure require right kind of capable people who are properly motivated. This requires right kind of human resources management in the organization. Another important aspect is the service control and service recovery processes. Thing do not always move as planned. Therefor it is necessary to regularly monitor the actual work against plans and take necessary corrective action for improvement as desired.

Also, treating customer as No. 1, does not mean that a company can never fail. The work in an average organization is too complex and there are too many uncertainties involved to eliminate all possible mistakes and accidental shortfalls in customer service. The right way to deal with such unavoidable shortfalls in customer service to have suitable service recovery procedures that take prompt and effective action to set right what has gone wrong, and compensate the customer for any inconvenience or losses incurred.

mkcapen1 | Student

Having worked as a movie theater manager for many years while attending college, I was always taught that the customer is number one.  The first rule of thumb was kindness and always looking the customer in the face.  Looking away from a person in our culture is a sign of rudeness.  

No matter how shabby the customer is dressed nor how bad his speech (not cursing) always present yourself to the customer as if he/she is the most important person in the world. 

Be genuine with the person.  One can be genuine if one learns to realize that all people are worthy of respect even when they do not seem like it.  By presenting this way towards others, you will gain it for your self.

Never talk own to a customer and be a good listener.  People often need to be listened to but seldom are heard.