What are some techniques employers can use to help with continuous training of employees?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Staff development days consist of allotting one hour of the regular work week to mandatory training on the most recent practices or issues regarding business. By allowing employees to have the one hour of paid training the employer can rest assured that, whether the employee shows up or not (those who do not attend do not get paid for that hour), the training was given and will be continuously given once a week.

A way to guarantee attendance is to create a system of incentives through earning certificates as each training is completed. These certificates can later on become promotion points that will work in favor of the employee whenever a higher-paying position becomes available. Those with more promotion points accumulated will get more chances to be considered for an interview.

Another incentive for continuous training is by inviting employees to produce the training themselves. By giving employees the opportunity to create and give presentations in exchange of promotion points the employer motivates his or her own employees to become acquainted with current literature, and to boost up their resumes; after all, presentations add weight to the value of the employee as an initiator and potential leader.

Some hot topics of training that employees can select from include:

  • sexual harassment in the workplace
  • ethical use of the Internet
  • how to build a chain of communication
  • team-building exercises

An important tool to decide what is needed for training is the employee inventory. This is a survey that can be created on-site by staff members to ask the employees directly what tools they need to be trained on in order to succeed at the workplace.