What are some teaching approaches?

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Several approaches to teaching have been identified and briefly explained below.

Inquiry-Based Learning  

During inquiry-based learning, a question or problem or prompt is posed. Students use discovery and investigation in order to find the solution to prompt.

Constructivism Learning

This learning theory is based around the belief that individuals construct knowledge for themselves through life experiences. Thus, when constructivism is used, students learn through observation and scientific study.

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is similar to inquiry-based learning. During PBL, students learn by working on a project, question, or challenge that is posed to them.

Flipped Classroom

In a flipped classroom, students watch most of the lectures and do most of the learning online at home. Classroom time is saved for exploration and discussion.

Online Learning

Online learning is sometimes called eLearning. Online learning takes place online either synchronously or asynchronously. The instructor and student may or may not be at the same geographical location. There are many definitions and interpretations of online learning.

Blended Learning/Hybrid Learning

Blended learning, or hybrid learning, involves a combination of traditional classroom instruction and online learning.

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