What are some symbols that represent the character Pi from Life of Pi?I'm doing a project for English... I need to come up with 10 symbols.

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a lot of different possibilities for this one--Pi is a very diverse character that lends himself well to various different symbols.  One symbol could be the tiger, Richard Parker.  In one analysis of the book, Richard Parker is Pi himself, his alter-ego, the strong side of himself that endured and survivedhis devastating ordeal.  So, the tiger--strong, dominant, feared, and commanding, could be one symbol for Pi.  Another could be a bible, or some other religious book.  Pi was a very religious person, and took great comfort in various religions.  So, a religious book would work well.  Other possibilities:  a link in a chain (to symbolize how he brought 2 religions together), an encyclopedia (to symbolize how much he knew about zoology, which helped him to survive), a whistle (to represent the one he used to establish dominance on the boat), and a first-aid kit or 72-hour kit (to symbolize how he utilized resources to survive).

If you are looking for more pictoral symbols, that are just images that hold meaning, you could use a ray of sunshine in a stormy cloud (he survived many storms), a rainbow after a storm, a lighthouse, and a pine tree clinging to bare rocks on the side of a cliff.  All of these pictures indicate strength in the face of adversity, and a beacon of light and example to others.  I hope that those thoughts give you some ideas to get started; good luck!