What are some symbols that relate to the theme of racism in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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THE QUARTERS.  The Quarters are where Maycomb's Negroes live,

... outside the southern town limits.

It serves as a symbol of separation and segregation from the white population of Maycomb.

FIRST PURCHASE CHURCH.  Located in the Quarters, this is the all-black church that Calpurnia attends. It also serves as a gambling hall for whites during the mid-week--ironic in that such activities are unacceptable in downtown Maycomb, but okay in a church located in the black section in which white people would never otherwise venture.

DOLPHUS RAYMOND.  He is a white man scorned by Maycomb's white population because he prefers the company of Negroes--and his black mistress.

THE LYNCH MOB.  They come to take Tom Robinson for a hanging, but they leave empty-handed after a talk with Scout Finch.

THE MISSIONARY CIRCLE.  They gather officially to discuss church activities and missionary work, but the women spend most of the time verbally abusing the Negroes who live in Maycomb.