What literary devices were used in the poem "Money" by Dana Gioia?

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Dana Gioia ‘s poem “Money” grabs hold of the subject that is constantly on everyone’s mind, even those people who have a lot of it. Gioia’s approach is clever and humorous.  His language involves almost every cliché and phrase that has ever been said or written about money.

Each verse takes a different perspective of the subject.  If a person has had to struggle with finances, the poem will at least supply a bit of mirth on the topic.

Stanza 1-This stanza provides many words used as slang synonyms for  the word money.  The writer has placed certain words within the lines to rhyme.  ‘the long cash, stash…”

Stanza 2- In this stanza, the poet uses participles to express using money to pay for something:

“Watch it burn holes through pockets!”  This is certainly a problem for some people; if they have it, they need to spend it

Stanza 3 -This stanza has money symbolizing  people who have a lot of...

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