What are some symbols in the novel Thousand Cranes?

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Some symbols in the novel are:

1)Yukiko Inamura's thousand-crane scarf.

In Japanese culture, the crane is the famed symbol of longevity, good fortune, fidelity, and happiness. At the beginning of the story, we discover that Chikako Kurimoto, Mr. Mitani's former mistress, has been scheming to marry off Mr. Mitani's son, Kikuji Mitani, to one of her students, Yukiko Inamura.

Chikako's main reason for wanting to arrange the marriage is to spite her rival, Mrs. Ota, also another of Mr. Mitani's former mistresses. In the story, Kikuji finds himself attracted to both Mrs. Ota and her daughter, Fumiko. So, Chikako works to thwart Kikuji's lusts by placing the beauteous Yukiko before him. With her thousand-crane scarf, Yukiko represents opportunity, happiness, and new beginnings. However, Kikuji never manages to free himself from the grip of generational dysfunction.

2)Chikako Kurimoto's birthmark.

Chikako's birthmark is described as a hideous 'purple-black mark.' In the story, Kikuji reminisces...

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