What are some symbols besides the mockingjay in the hunger games?

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sdlizsmith eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A couple more symbols include:

The Cornucopia - At the beginning of the Hunger Games, there's a giant cornucopia filled with food, weapons, and other supplies that the tributes will need during the Games. In general, cornucopias symbolize nourishment, abundance, and wealth. The same is true in the Hunger Games. However here, it also symbolizes life and death.

The tributes are sent into the arena with nothing and forced to decide whether or not to risk fighting other tributes right away at the cornucopia (in order to stock up on items the cornucopia offers), or fleeing into the woods and giving up precious food and weapons that could mean life or death later in the Games.

The word "Tribute" - A tribute used to mean a payment to a ruler or nation as the price for protection. The tributes themselves are symbolic. Each district is "offering" up two children to appease the Capitol. The Hunger Games were instituted after an uprising and they serve as a reminder to the districts of what will happen if another uprising occurs. In order to keep the peace each district gives the Capitol (the government) a tribute (2 children).

alfreddao | Student

Some symbols are of Hope which are, Prim's Goat, Peetas bread, Rue. A symbol of Respect is when the citizens of District 12 gave Katniss the "Silent salute" when Katniss Volenteers as Tribute replaceing Prim. The Cannon Fireing symbolizes a Tribute's death.