What are some study notes for "Unready to Wear"?

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In this short story, Dr. Konigswasser has developed a technique that allows one to extricate his psyche/soul from his body and live as a disembodied essence or place it into another body. This has huge implications because it basically allows everyone to move into better, younger bodies, thus giving people much longer lives. This seems to be a dystopian (or utopian, depending on your interpretation of the story) scenario for the future. Konigswasser’s technique seems to be an exercise of mind over matter rather than some computerized technological advance.

The narrator and his wife, Madge, lived during the time of this discovery. Dr. Konigswasser published his findings and soon thereafter, millions put it into practice. While walking, and with concentration, people could leave their bodies. This led to the storage and housing of countless extra (presumably better and younger) bodies that people could plop back into. Being able to leave one’s body and move into another is called...

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