What are some strong examples of imagery in "And of Clay We Are Created"?

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Because of the tragedy that surrounds Azucena, much of the imagery seeks to help readers visualize this young girl and therefore experience the depth of loss in Rolf Carlé experiences.

The initial imagery is shocking:

They discovered the girl’s head protruding from the mudpit, eyes wide open, calling soundlessly.

This imagery is meant to captivate readers, pulling them in to the horrors of this child's tragedy. The image is reminiscent of death, utilizing the harsh verb protruding to show how Azucena's head barely rises above the mud, her eyes wide open, and soundless calls furthering a death-like image.

Later when Rolfe Carlé approaches her, the following vivid imagery helps readers visualize the innocence of the child and the precarious situation she is in:

His camera zoomed in on the girl, her dark face, her large desolate eyes, the plastered-down tangle of her hair. The mud was like quicksand around her, and anyone attempting to reach her was in danger of sinking.

The "large desolate eyes"...

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