What are some strategies used for mainstream and language minority students in reading and writing.

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I've taught secondary English as a Second Language for four years, now and it is interesting to see the different programs that are in place for them as well as mainstream students.  Within all of the research, best teaching strategies that work can be used for both ESL and mainstream students. Good teaching is just good teaching, basically.  There are pull-out programs everywhere, but what they've found is that unless a student is an emergency immigrant (direct from a foreign country with no English skills) then they should be immersed in the system.  Our school, however, found a way to fulfill the needs of ESL students along with struggling readers by buying Scholastic's READ180 program.  It is a computer program that adjusts its lessons and quizzes with the skills of the reader.  When the computer sees that the student isn't challenged enough, then it gives a more challenging lesson or quiz. The program includes the use of videos and other multi-media in the lessons.  Students even put on head-sets and speak into a mic so it can be played back for the teacher and the student for assessment.

Another program that is being accepted by many states is WiDa (World-class Instructional Design and Assessment) This is a great program that breaks down teaching and learning into understandable and workable categories. The links are below! :)

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