What are some strategies to reduce street violence?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are numerous ways that have been suggested for reducing street violence.  They tend to break down into two distinct camps.  One camp would like to try to increase law enforcement efforts.  The other camp would like to have more in the way of things for young people to do.

The latter camp is typically made up of liberals.  They feel that people who have jobs and young people who have activities to participate in will be much less likely to commit acts of violence.  For this reason, they think that the government should provide more youth projects and do more to create jobs in poorer areas.  This would, they feel, reduce violence.

More conservative commentators favor more law enforcement.  They would like to see more things like the “stop and frisk” program that the New York Police Department engages in.  They would like more officers to be on the streets.  They would like to see tougher punishments for those who are convicted of violence.  In these ways, their suggestion for reducing street violence would revolve around policing and punishment.

Thus, suggestions for reducing street violence tend to fall into either liberal or conservative camps.