What are some stories that prove animal's intelligence !! I am writing an essay and I believe that animals are intelligent , so i have to support my opinion with facts

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Scientific studies are finding all the time that animals are often far more intelligent than we had previously assumed. This is true even of animals, such as bees and ants, which display a kind of communal intelligence rather than simply individual intelligence. The greatest scholar of ant intelligence in modern times has been E. O. Wilson.  You may want to take a look at some of his writings.

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If you haven't already encountered it, I recommend a classic book of stories about animals and animal intelligence by Ernest Thompson Seaton titled Wild Animals I Have Known. The book consists of eight true stories, each about a different animal--a fox, a crow, a cottontail rabbit, a dog, a mustang, and a partridge. In these stories you are sure to find all sorts of true incidents to illustrate your thesis about animal intelligence. Seaton's book is so well written that he makes his animals memorable and understandable. I would also recommend George Adamson’s book about African lions, My Pride and Joy, Joy Adamson’s Born Free, and Konrad Lorenz’s King Solomon’s Ring.

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To a certain extent, your definition of "intelligence" may shape the types of demonstrations by animals you cite in your essay. However, there are many examples of behaviors exhibited by many different species that could be considered.

Recognition of location and communication of such information to others, demonstrating spatial cognition, is an essential ability for bees and ants, since both leave their "home" to collect food from distant sources that have been located by others and then return, bringing food back to those in the ant hill or bee hive.

Many species of apes and chimpanzees have demonstrated their ability to make and use tools in order to accomplish work, such as gathering food and, in 2007 observations, for hunting.

Researchers have demonstrated that many animal species have elaborate systems of communication within their species, and some animals have acquired means of communicating with their human caregivers through training and experience.

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