Silas Marner Questions and Answers
by George Eliot

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What are some of Squire Cass's characteristics in Silas Marner? 

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Squire Cass is the wealthiest man in Raveloe. He is complacent, indolent, slovenly, neglectful of his sons, and short-tempered. The father of Godfrey and Dunstan, he is inconsistent in his treatment of his sons, vacillating between strictness and indulgence.

In Chapter III, Squire Cass is introduced as the "greatest man in Raveloe." But, he does not deserve the title bestowed upon him, although he is a landlord and collects rents. In Chapter IX he comes to breakfast at his home called Red House. He is described as

...a tall, stout man of sixty, with a face in which the knit brow and rather hard glance seemed contradicted by the slack and feeble mouth. His person showed marks of habitual...

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