What are some specifc examples of the Palestinian conflict?I am writing a essay for my World History class and i would like information regarding the conflict between Palestine and Isreal. I need...

What are some specifc examples of the Palestinian conflict?

I am writing a essay for my World History class and i would like information regarding the conflict between Palestine and Isreal. I need pro's and con's and arguements for both sides. I also need any ideas about solutions for the conflict. Any information you provide me with will be properly cited and you will get full credit for your information and thoughts. Also any information that would help me understand the conflict in a nutshell would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is also increasingly about human rights.  In order to ensure their own security, Israel has built large segregation walls around sections of the West Bank occupied territories.  This funnels Palestinian workers through heavily guarded checkpoints that are slow, and closed or open at random.  Most of the hospitals are on the Israeli side, so its difficult for Palestinians to get access to health care.  They have had two separate, long-running uprisings in the occupied territories called intifadahs.

Many diplomats and regional experts say that one of the only obvious solutions is the Palestinians getting their own country.

On the Israeli side, they suffer terror bombings from a group called Hamas, based in the Palestinian territories, especially the Gaza Strip.  They claim they have the right to protect their citizens and their borders.  Unfortunately, they also rely on Palestinian workers for their economy to function, much as our economy relies on immigrants for the lower paying jobs.

Some of the issues at stake for a solution are the fate of Jerusalem, and the Right of Return, as argued above.  Israel also demands formal recognition of its right to exist as a country, which Palestinians have steadfastly refused to do.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous posts raised very good issues regarding the current Palestinian Conflict.  Part of the issue which surrounds the arena right now is the idea of Israeli settlement into Arab- resided areas.  Where this line is drawn and how it is to be respected or adhered to is another critical issue in the Arab- Israeli conflict in the Palestinian predicament.  The expansion of settlements is seen by some as a right of the Israelis, and by others it is seen as a violation or encroachment into Arab space.  The displacement of people on both sides of the issue is where the most amount of tension is seen because any solution seems to impact one group at the cost of another, as land is limited and finite.  The issue of land settlements is something that brings a great deal of hostility in discussion because it strikes at the heart of the challenges in a two nation configuration in the region.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The conflict in a nutshell is that Israel was created in 1948 on land that had belonged to the Palestinians before that.  The Palestinians fled when Israel was made.  The Arab nations surrounding Israel attacked it to try to destroy it.  Since then, the Palestinians have been stateless.  They are not Israelis but they live in Israel.  They want their land back, but the Israelis have it.

Nowadays, the major issues between the two sides are

  • Who should control Jerusalem, which is holy to both sides and which both sides want as a capital for their own nations.
  • What land in the West Bank and Gaza should belong to a new Palestinian state and what should become part of Israel.
  • Whether the Palestinians who lost land in 1948 should be able to return to that land, even if it is within Israel.