What are some special events that take place in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator


  • Dill comes to visit Maycomb for the first time.
  • Scout starts school.
  • The first gifts appear in the knothole of the Radley oak.
  • Scout experiences her first snow and builds her first snowman.
  • Miss Maudie's house burns, and Scout almost sees Boo.
  • Christmas at Finch Landing.
  • Atticus kills the mad dog.
  • Mrs. Dubose dies.
  • Jem and Scout attend Calpurnia's church.
  • Aunt Alexandra comes to stay.
  • The Tom Robinson trial begins.
  • Dolphus Raymond reveals his secret to the children.
  • The Missionary Circle meets for tea.
  • Tom is killed.
  • The Halloween pageant is hosted by the school.
  • Jem and Scout are attacked by Bob Ewell.
  • Bob is killed by Boo.
  • Scout's fantasy is fulfilled when she meets Boo face to face.
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