What are some domestic sources of energy available to the United States?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the advantages the US has in the pursuit of energy independence is the vast spaces available for power generation, and the resources and technology that go along with them. 

Not every country is blessed with powerful rivers that can be cleanly harnessed for power generation.  This has provided massive amounts of electricity to homes and businesses over the decades.  Most of the rivers where dams will work have already been dammed at this time, so it is now a matter of using technology to make the generators and the power grid more efficient.

We can build new and better nuclear plants, and while expensive and producing high level radioactive waste, they have no emissions that would affect climate change.

The American Southwest is ideal for solar panels, and these are getting cheaper every year.  Soon, powering most of your home or business with solar will become economically practical.

We have vast reserves of coal, natural gas and oil, but these have limits and would represent only temporary energy solutions.