What are some songs that have to do with Sodapop and "his" horse and Johnny's death in "The Outsiders"?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, examine the situations.  Sodapop loves his horse Mickey Mouse, and Ponyboy says that they were alike (Soda and the horse).  They were both michievious and full of energy.  A song about this type of personality would work, as would a song about strong bonds between friends.  Also, Soda loses his horse, so a song about separation would work.

Johnny is a troubled kid who suffers for things that aren't his fault and who dies after being a hero.  Songs about abuse, about dying young, and about being misunderstood would work.

Sodapop and Mickey:

You've Got a Friend; Goodbye My Friend; I Will Remember You; Lean On Me; Live Like Horses; Wildfire; Four Legged Friend

Johnny's death:

Only the Good Die Young; Goodbye My Friend; Angel; How Can I Help You Say Goodbye; Oh Very Young; The Crossroads

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