What are some songs related to sociology? My Sociology Prof asked us to find a Song that related to sociology, do you know anything? and why do you think they are related to sociology?

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Country Joe McDonald and the Fish sang "Fixin' to Die Rag" at Woodstock in 1969, a very pointed and obvious criticism of the Vietnam War at a time when music united a counterculture and motivated a war protest movement. Songs became more social statements in the late 1960s thann they were in the early rock n roll days of the 1950s. They had lyrics with a message, and in a time when traditional media excluded them, songs became their media.

I think you can consider all songs sociological experiments. Many of them make references to what I guess you would call pop sociology. Songs that address human life, and exploring human life and culture, are sociological in nature.  I think that the Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby” falls into this category.

I would suggest...

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