What are some social norms contrasted in Coral Island and present society?society norms that are contrasted from Coral Islandatleast 4 points needed

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What happens on Coral Island shows the full scope of political comportement.

Jack and his followers represent the extreme form of liberalism where a Darwinist survival of the fittest is the only law that abides. The savage instinct needed to hunt when not held in check finally turns against them in the end.

In contrast, Ralf and his clan seek security in mutual consensus and collaboration but lack the go-getter nerve needed to dominate their environment. On this side Piggy best incarnates the intelligent leader, but it is no accident that his shortsightedness handicaps him in this role. Doesn't this suggest that he can't see things as they really are without help?

In short, Coral Island is a microcosm of government in general, portraying both right and left extremes in theory and practice. Neither is fully appropriate in itself. A balance must be struck somewhere between the two.

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