What are some social, economic, aesthetic, and ethical issues involved in a current environmental controversy?  Why are they controversial

cgrant2 | Student

The current environmental controversy stems from the fact that saving in the environment means dramatic change in the way we obtain fuel in this country. Oil companies, like Exxon Mobile, have billions (if not trillions) of dollars invested in producing fuels that are potentially harmful to the environment. If more environmentally friendly policies were set into place, the oil companies would suffer. The problems lies with money. Money is the reason why some people deny the global warming is occuring. Also, other countries rely on oil and other fossil fuels for revenue. Without these companies, people will lost their jobs. Oil industry is a very large industry. Changing to more energy efficient policies would harm the oil companies financially, but these policies need to be put into action. We are the cause of the problem and we must take responsibility to change it. Global warming is an imminent threat, there is no denying that. We are seeing the effects now. People deny that global warming because they don't believe that the evidence is plausible. Even though the effect of global warming are projected models, the calculations come from changes that have already occured over the past 100 years. There has been a recent record breaking increase in the amount of greenhouse gases that are being emitted into the environment over the past couple of years. The numbers keep rising over time. The more greenhouse gases that are being emitted in to the environment, the more global warming will take effect. Nevertheless,  we must do something about this problem and the controversy has no grounds.

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