What are some slogans about how we can protect our environment?

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Environmental issues have continued to gain traction, especially with regards to global warming and wildlife extinction. Animal poaching is globally at an all-time high, with wild animal products increasing in value in the marketplace. Weather patterns are increasingly becoming unpredictable, and environment-related disasters are also increasing due to environmental degradation. Institutions, groups, and individuals have taken steps to try and eliminate the challenges facing the environment. To rally people to their cause, these initiatives often have slogans to communicate their goals and objectives clearly. Below are some slogans associated with environmental protection and conservation:

Tree plantation is the best option against pollution

This slogan seeks to address the issue of illegal logging and forest encroachment where people are mostly destroying forests for commercial gain.

Silence is the best tool to combat noise pollution

This slogan seeks to address the issue of noise pollution by asking people to maintain some level of silence because noise is also considered a pollutant.

Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute

This slogan asks people to care about their environment by not polluting it.

Sensitize people on harms of pollution

This slogan is aimed at creating awareness and informing people about the dangers of pollution

Other slogans include the following:

Always use public transport to reduce air pollution

Avoid using plastic bags

Dispose of industrial effluent in a safe manner

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