What are some similes in the book Outsiders on Sodapop?

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In chapter 1, Ponyboy is introducing the reader to the members of the Greasers.  Basic personality traits are discussed as well as basic looks.  Sodapop is always happy and cheerful.  People like to be around him.  Of course his good looks might have something to do with it too.  Ponyboy describes him like this:  " . . .he looked like some Greek god come to earth."  That's a good looking kid.

Hinton further tells her reader how good looking Sodapop is a few paragraphs later.   ". . . Soda attracted girls like honey draws flies . . ."   Again, he must be very very good looking.  I suppose that's a good thing though, since Hinton also tells the reader that Sodapop is not a very school-smart kid.