What are some similarties between Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction plan?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Abraham Lincoln and President Andrew Johnson both developed plans for Reconstruction. They believed the President should be developing and directing the Reconstruction process. There were similarities in their plans.

Both plans offered amnesty to southerners under certain conditions. President Lincoln’s plan, called the Ten Percent Plan, offered amnesty to white southerners who said they would be loyal to the United States. However, this didn’t include ex-Confederate leaders. President Johnson also offered amnesty to white southerners if they promised to be loyal to the United States. Ex-Confederate leaders could get amnesty, but they had to apply directly to President Johnson to receive it.

Another similarity was the both plans required the rejecting of slavery. In President Lincoln’s plan, the states would have to write new constitutions that banned slavery. In President Johnson’s plan, states had to ratify the 13th amendment in their new state constitutions.

Both plans didn’t address the suffrage of the slaves. President Lincoln's plan encouraged the new state governments to give the former slaves the right to vote. President Johnson's plan wanted the states to decide the process of suffrage for former slaves.

Finally, compared to Radical Republican Reconstruction, both plans were considered to easier on the South. The Radical Republicans had a very harsh plan for the reconstruction of the South. President Lincoln and President Johnson had plans that were easier in how the South would be treated.

While neither of these plans proposed by President Lincoln and President Johnson was implemented, there were similarities in both plans.