What are some similarities of English and French colonization?

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There are similarities between the French and British plans for colonization. One similarity is that both countries had a need to expand beyond their borders. Land was becoming scarce in Europe, and establishing colonies would help alleviate this issue. Additionally, by establishing colonies, both countries could get natural resources that would help their industries. This would also help them make money since they would sell their finished products back to the colonies. Both countries also wanted to be viewed as a world power. By having colonies, they would be able to accomplish this. In addition, establishing colonies would require each country to build up its military. This would help them to become strong and to be viewed as a world power. Both countries had an interest in establishing colonies in similar places. Both France and Britain had colonies in the Americas, in Africa, and in Asia. Sometimes, this led to conflict between the two nations. Both countries believed their way of life was superior to the way of life of the people they ruled in their colonies. They believed it was their duty to spread their superior way of life. There are many similarities between the British and French colonization patterns, goals for colonization, and intended outcomes of colonization.

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