What are some similarities and differences in the two poems "Annabel Lee" and "La Belle Dame sans Merci". Can you please list 5 similarities and differences?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator


1. Both poems are ballads.  They contain a "sing-song" quality to them and they tell a story.  

2. Because of the sing-song quality, both are pleasing to the ear

3. Both are stories of love and death

4. Both feature a beautiful woman

5. Both have a rhyme scheme and meter.  Iambic feet are used in both

6. Both feature a single male narrator

7.  Both use multiple stanzas


1. While both poems make use of Iambic feet, Annabel Lee also uses anapests

2. Annabel Lee's stanza lengths vary throughout.  La Belle Dame Sans Merci's stanza are always 4 lines long

3. La Belle Dame Sans Merci's rhyme scheme doesn't change. It's always ABCB

4. The woman in Annabel Lee was a real human woman.  In La Belle Dame Sans Merci the woman is a magical fairy

5. Annabel Lee (the woman) doesn't exist to torture men.  The fairy in the other poem seduces men, tortures them, and kills them.