Contrast Fitzgerald's style of writing within "Winter Dreams" and The Great Gatsby?

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I think that the style of narration is one significant difference in both works.  ForThe Great Gatsby, Nick becomes the narrative element.  Nick is the force by which the reader understands how the action unfolds in the work.  Nick's reliability as a narrator is of vital concern because it is only through Nick that the reader fully understands what happens.  In "Winter Dreams," the omniscient form of narration is what enables us to better understand what happens.  Presumably, the reader's guide is Fitzgerald, himself.  In this, a significant difference emerges.  I think that another major difference lies in the short story versus the novel formats.  Fitzgerald's short story is limited in dialogue.  The dialogue that is spoken happens in forceful instants, whereby immediacy is revealed through the spoken words. Lines like "That dream is gone" or "Are you poor" bring the force in dialogue out due to the format of writing within a short story.  Yet, in terms ofThe Great Gatsby, there is more in way of dialogue and more in way of analysis offered because it can be.  The differences of the short story and the novel in terms of dialogue and interaction between the characters is more evident here.


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