Parallel Bruce Wayne from "Batman Begins" and John from "By the Waters of Babylon."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the most striking similarity between Bruce Wayne and John is that both set out for a journey to find meaning.  The concept of purpose and meaning is something that their present conditions lack.  John recognizes that he must go out on a journey before he is to become head priest.  He does so with his father's blessing, though he is unaware of where his son is intending to go.  The need for a journey is where purpose resides. Bruce recognizes clearly that he cannot stay in Gotham and must set out to find meaning.  With his parents gone and a sense of restlessness evident in his schooling, he is forced to leave everything and set out on a journey to understand the true nature of both his identity and the identity of the criminal mindset that destabilized his world.  For Bruce and John, the journey is of the utmost of importance in providing meaning to their conditions of being.  Both characters are confronted with realities from their journeys that they use upon their return to society.  John comes back from his journey with the understanding that the need to rebuild will combine elements of the past greatness of humanity into a new and constructive vision of the future.  Bruce Wayne returns from his journey in Batman Begins and understands that he must become Batman in order to save Gotham from itself and prevent the future destruction of the city at the hands of criminals.  While Bruce does not seek to rebuild society, he seeks to take the knowledge from his time with the League of Shadows, specifically, Ducard/ Ra's al Ghul and apply it to preventing the distinegration of Gotham.  In each characterization, the journey provides important to each character's central mission, their purpose of being.