The Killer Angels Questions and Answers
by Michael Shaara

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In The Killer Angels, what are some similarities and differences between the North and South in the terms of why they fought, how they fought, and who they were?

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Southerners were quick to join the military ranks because they felt they were being invaded by foreigners. After all, they believed that they had the right to secede from the Union and form their own nation--the Confederate States of America. When President Abraham Lincoln sent United States troops into Virginia, the Confederates quickly responded to defend their new land. Needless to say, Lincoln believed that the Southern states had no right to secede, and his primary goal was to reunite the Union by any means possible. Northern troops probably fought for similar patriotic reasons, though they did not have the fear of being invaded on their own soil. Many soldiers, like Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, were fighting on the principle of freeing the slaves. Others fought for...

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