What are some similarities and differences between Lord of the Flies and Romeo and Juliet?

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1.  Violence--Both works incorporate violence into the storyline and ultimately use that violence as a critique of violence itself.

2.  Absence of Law and Order-- Both works demonstrate to an extent an absence of law and order; even though Romeo and Juliet takes place in 'fair Verona,' the warring houses of the Montagues and Capulets pay no heed to the social structure or laws, fighting and killing each other at will.

3.  Tragedy-- Both Romeo and Juliet and Lord of the Flies have tragic endings.  Sure, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph is rescued, but at what cost?  Simon and Piggy have been brutally murdered, and all the other boys have regressed into blood-thirsty savages.  It is definitely not a happy ending.


1. Setting:  Romeo and Juliet takes place in civilized Verona, and Lord of the Flies occurs on a deserted island.

2. Characters:  Romeo and Juliet has more variety of characters in terms of gender, social status, and age.  In Lord of the Flies, every single character is a young boy.

3.  Format:  Romeo and Juliet is a play, and Lord of theFlies is a novel.

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