What are some similarities and differences between the American and Haitian Revolutions? Focus on causes and effects of both revolutions.

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The differences in the revolutions in America and Haiti are far more numerous than any similarities. They were different in their causes, leadership, and effects.

America's Revolutionary War (1775–1783) had financial and territorial causes. After 1763, London expected the Americans to pay taxes. Numerous taxes were implemented, and they were loathed by the Americans. The colonists thought the taxes were unfair because they did not have direct representation in the British Parliament. Also, the colonists thought London impinged on their sovereignty by keeping them out of the frontier areas and by setting up British garrisons in the colonies.

The key factors in Haiti prior to its revolt in the 1790s were race and slavery. The French colony was divided into black slaves (about half-a-million), Europeans (32,000), and mixed-race or mulattoes (24,000). Living and working conditions for the slaves were abhorrent, and they were seething with resentment. The mulattoes were frustrated because...

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