What are some similarities and differences of Abigail Williams, from The Crucible and Daisy Buchanan, from The Great Gatsby.

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Both Daisy Buchanan and Abigail Williams are self-centered, callous individuals, who carelessly harm others without consideration and flee from their problems instead of accepting responsibility for their actions. Daisy leaves New York after accidentally killing Myrtle Wilson and Abigail Williams flees Salem shortly after John Proctor's arrest. Both women are also responsible for killing people in both works. While Daisy Buchanan accidentally hits Myrtle Wilson with Gatsby's car, Abigail is responsible for the executions of numerous innocent citizens, who she falsely accuses of witchcraft. Daisy and Abigail are also sexually driven, manipulative women, who carry on affairs. Daisy carries on an affair with Jay Gatsby while Abigail had sexual relations with John Proctor in the past.

Both women are also dishonest and immoral to varying degrees. While Daisy is selfishly motivated to enjoy her secure life of luxury while satisfying her desire for Jay Gatsby, Abigail is completely debased and...

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