What are some similarities and difference between Nathaniel Hawthorne's book The Scarlet Letter and his short story Young Goodman Brown?

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Both of Hawthorne's works—the novel The Scarlet Letter and the short story "Young Goodman Brown—are set in the early American colonies in the seventeenth century, and both focus on characters in the strict Puritan society of that time and place. 

"Young Goodman Brown" is an allegory , which means that each element of the story represents something beyond the literal meaning. Young Goodman Brown represents the everyman, and his journey into the woods can be said to symbolize every person's maturation. He learns in the woods that even the seemingly purest members of his society are sinners. He even sees his own wife, Faith, who he idolizes as the most innocent and perfect person he knows, at the ceremony in the woods. Her pink ribbon could symbolize a mix of purity (white) and sin (red). Everyone in the town is at the ceremony, which means that everyone sins or has a dark side. Young Goodman Brown, however, cannot accept this truth about human nature, and his life is ruined by the...

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