What are some similarities between the Colonial times and now?

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mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Colonial era in the United States is usually referring to the early 1600s until 1776.  Jamestown was first settled in 1607, which marks the beginning of the Colonial era.  The Thirteen Colonies declared themselves independent from England in 1776, which marks the end of the period.

The most striking similarity between the Colonial period and now is the political unrest.  In the years leading up the the American Revolution, most people were divided into two ways of thinking.  Loyalists were loyal to England and King George III.  They wanted the Thirteen Colonies to remain under British rule.  Patriots wanted to separate themselves from Britain.  Some Patriots wanted to remain part of Britain, but they wished for the colonies to have more freedoms and choices.

Similar to those days, today in America most people belong to one of two political parties.  Democrats prefer a liberal way of thinking, while Republicans choose a conservative way of thinking.  

In the Colonial days, people were also upset about new taxes.  They disagreed with some of the new taxes imposed on them by the British Crown.  Today, people still disagree about taxes and tax reform.

Freedom was something that was valued in the Colonial era and it is something that is still valued today.  North America was a new frontier, and it was seen as a land of opportunity.  The United States is still seen as a land of opportunity for many people.

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