In In the Time of the Butterflies, what are some similarities between Minerva and Dede?

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These two sisters are very important in this excellent novel that speaks of political repression and the battle of women to fight against it. Although there are some similarities between Dede and Minerva, it is the differences that stand out more, as Minerva becomes involved in the underground movement very quickly, whereas Dede never becomes involved.

In spite of this, there are significant similarities which Dede and Minerva share. They are both attracted to Virgilio, and we can see in Dede's decision to burn the letter he wrote to Minerva asking her to flee the country with him something of the determination and resolution to act that Minerva expresses again and again throughout the story. Although Dede appears to be dominated by her husband, Jaimito, she nevertheless shows the same kind of courage and moral fortitude at various times in the novel as Minerva displays, although her husband forbids her to have anything to do with the resistance movement. In paricular this is shown through the way that she works hard to raise her sister's cihldren and look after them when her sisters were in prison and after their deaths.

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