What are some similarities between hurricanes and blizzards?

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megamind-616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hurricanes and blizzards are both storms that can wreak havoc to the areas at which they occur. Both types of storms are caused by air that rises into the atmosphere. This air then causes low pressures that generate winds. Winds of hurricanes are over 75 miles per hour (at 75 mph, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane and is given a name; winds grow up to 150 mph). Hurricanes produce intense winds that span over vast distances. Hurricanes can cover areas up to 500 miles wide. The winds that accompany blizzards can be over forty-five miles per hour.

Both blizzards and hurricanes are also accompanied by precipitation.  As a hurricane is formed, moist air rises and condenses. Thus, hurricanes are associated with extreme rainfall. The rising air of a blizzard creates a front that collides with air currents in areas that have heavy moisture contents. Thus, blizzards are associated with intense snowfall. However, blizzards do not cover as much land as hurricanes.

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