What are some similarities between the fictional John Proctor in Miller's play and the real John Proctor? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one immediate similarity between both versions of Proctor was the idea that Proctor is shown to be an outspoken man.  In the drama, Proctor does not hold his tongue in terms of how her perceives Salem and how he perceives himself to live in Salem.  Proctor is shown to be one who is able to speak his mind.  In real life, Proctor was seen in much the same way.  Proctor is one who speaks his mind and because of it is perceived to have made many an enemy.  This helps to bring out another reality in both depictions.  In the drama and in real life, there is a motivation of revenge that drives Proctor's fate.  The fact that Proctor made so many enemies, presumably because of his inability to be deceptive, is one reason why he suffers the way he does.  I think that this is a similarity in the depictions of Proctor as it shows very clearly how he is perceived to be a threat by those in the position of power.  Finally, the defense of his wife was something that Proctor is shown to display in the drama, especially in Act III and IV, and in real life, where Proctor stands with his wife.  In these, the similarities between Proctor's depiction in the drama and how he was seen in real life is evident.